BERLIN-CHEMIE develops, produces and sells pharmaceutical products


The affiliate Berlin-Chemie/A. Menarini Magyarország Kft. acts on behalf of BERLIN-CHEMIE, a subsidiary of the MENARINI Group, in Hungary. The MENARINI group has occupied a leading position in the Italian pharmaceutical market for many years. Formed in 1886 and headquartered in Florence, the MENARINI company was developed over the generations to become a global, owner-managed pharmaceutical company.

MENARINI pursues two strategic objectives: research and internationalisation. Both endeavours enable innovative products to be used successfully to the satisfaction of patients throughout the world. The MENARINI Group enjoys an outstanding reputation worldwide as an efficient and reliable partner. This applies both to the development of new drugs and to the communication of scientific insights.

BERLIN-CHEMIE also benefits from this partnership-based way of thinking. We consistently carry on the group strategy in our remit.